Well, it seems that the laptop-carrying set at San Francisco's Academy of Art University are stuck for quick, handy wireless internet access. Around three weeks ago during the school's spring break, some h4XX0r managed to compromise network security. There aren't many details, as nothing has been made public yet -- we've heard that it was specifically an attack on the library servers, or that it may have been a WORM that happened upon the network. Intentional or not, in the wake of the attack, the school has shut down their wireless network indefinitely.

Our source informed us that the IT department has handed the matter over to the school President. We spoke briefly to Matt Holbrook, an administrator at the Media Center, who confirmed many details of our sources' story. When we asked how students were reacting, he admitted that he didn't have a lot of contact with the student body, but that certainly the instructors are "bummed about it," adding, "If we're bummed, they must be bummed." We left voicemail for the school's IT manager, and hope a detailed explanation is forthcoming. In the meantime, SFist would like to recommend the Apple Store, San Francisco Public Library and 111 Minna for WiFi hotspots close by.

Update: We've just heard that the IT department isn't going to move forward with turning the wifi networks back on until enough people complain (they should probably be careful what they wish for). To do just that, call 1-800-544-ARTS and asked to be connected with the IT deparment.