Bono also spoke on the Pope, but graciously called Reverend Williams "The Pope of San Francisco." "Whenever this rock star is in the Bay Area, I have to visit Glide." About John Paul, he noted that "A lot of rock stars have a Pope complex. This Pope had a rock star complex!" Calling the Catholic Church "the glam rockers of religion," he said that upon meeting the Pope to discuss debt relief for impoverished nations, Bono said to him, "Holy Father, would you like some fly shades?" He said the Pope put Bono's sunglasses on and then winked and smiled -- though the pictures never made it to press. After giving his speech, he started in on "Stand By Me" with the band, choir and congregation, although to save himself from a "forgotten lyrics" moment, he made up San Francisco-appropriate lyrics on the fly. Hott.

Photo by Hank Willis Thomas.