SFist Jon's got a new companion in city graft, as Supervisor Chris Daly gets busted by Matier and Ross for sneaking on a MUNI train without paying. Chris, was it not enough to steal all those valuable 0s and 1s from the sfgov.org computer server for your -- what do the kids call those things....? internet-diary bloog-a-ma-bob?

The MUNI cops caught Daly without a pass or transfer going inbound from Civic Center, at which point Daly argued with them all the way to the Embarcadero stop that he'd only snuck in from the gate because no one was at the booth to take his tokens. The cops escorted Daly to the Embarcadero booth -- where, again, there was no one to take the tokens. Daly was then frog-marched (okay, we're exaggerating slightly now) to the front of the next MUNI car, where a driver accepted Daly's tokens, getting the District 6 Supervisor out of a $113 ticket.

So many questions! Among them: One -- why can't you put tokens in the coin slot of a MUNI turnstile? Two: after they caught him at Civic Center, why didn't they just let Daly give the tokens to the driver of the first MUNI car instead of going through the whole up the escalator, down the escalator thing at the Embarcadero? And three: Chris Daly doesn't have a Fast Pass?

No comment from Daly on the allegations yet; he's on vacation.