Food Face-Off Number Two (you can find Number One here) will pit against each other two BBQ places. In our fighting pit, we welcome Big Nate's and Memphie Minnie's. Our favorite BBQ place, Brother-in-law's, we wrote about yesterday. Last time we were at B-I-L, we enjoyed some superb ribs in our car, parked in front of the then-Justice League. We were meeting a date later at Fly, and we were crying. Not because we did not have a box of altoids in the car, dooming us to a solo trip back home that night, but because the beautiful hot sauce was working its full magic, rich, vibrant, spicy without being scorching. That night, we induced B-I-L into our BBQ hall of fame, hung their jersey from the rafters and excused them from any further competition.

SFist Cedric, contributing.