Whether you are a Ralph Barbieri fan that enjoys Amici's, a Berkeley-ite that swears by Zachary's, a fan of Chesh's recent discovery Pizza Fiesta, or you, like friend/idol of SFist Pim, enjoy the pies at Pizzetta 211 (after all, they carry Blue Bottle Coffee, folks), we think many people in this town agree: good pizza is not very common in the Bay Area. That's pretty much the whole list right there.

Well, now a decent pie can be found in one more place. Little Star Pizza is on 846 Divisadero Street, right at McAllister (just down the street from SFist favorite Cafe Abir), and adds another dimension to the slowly expanding options for decent pizza.

Owner/manager Brian Sadigursky* noted that SF residents constantly complain of the lack of good pizza in the city. He and his partner, owner Jon Guhl, opened Little Star last November and " . . . set out to do nothing other than good pizza."

If we may editorialize a bit, they did a few other things right as well.


*full disclosure: a relation to the writer. Sue me.