We here at SFist got this here question, which seems to have been aimed loosely at us here at the Essefficist, so here ya go:



What are we, some sort of repository for information about Treasure Island? Man! We were trying to get a St. Pat's theme going here, you know? How's about some Irish questions? Well. Um. Hello? Anyways.

First off jeff, we should remind you that there's no such thing as a dumb question, only a dumb questioner. But we here at the Essefficist know you're not dumb, you're just frazzled because you have to drive across that bridge twice a day. But anyways, the new bridge will in fact be inserting itself very neatly into the same tunnel as the old bridge. Well, actually, not so neatly, at least not right away, but eventually it should squeeze in there fairly gracefully. That is, of course, if they ever actually come up with the money to finish the thing.

So, about that commuter headache jeff was talking about. You don't know the half of it.

I had a dumb question that I figured the SFist would be perfect for... I see them constructing the new bridge alongside the Bay Bridge, but what's going to happen once they make it to Treasure Island? Do they plan to reroute the new bridge through the existing tunnel? Or is something new in the works? Seems like it would be quite the commuter headache, either way.