Okay, so this has nothing to do with San Francisco but everything to do with blogging. One Elizabeth Spiers has, in the last month, done more to lend credibility to the practice of blogging than bloggers have been able to do for themselves in the last two years. And no, we certainly don't mean getting a job at New York Magazine. What we mean is transforming Laurel Toby's Mediabistro into something, well, relevant.

Why do we love Lizzie? For starters, she managed to help get a blogger into the White House Press Room. Granted, getting into the White House Press Room seems easier than ever -- "hey, look at me, I'm a hustler with a fake name and a conservative agenda! I'm credentialed!" Still, not since bloggers managed to get some nose-bleed seats at the DNC have we gotten the respect as journalists that we deserve, damnit.

Of course, we're not alone in crushing on Lizzie from afar. Sacto's own NYC Get a J-O-B managed to land a spot commenting on FishbowlNY. And frankly, we kind of like the new, long, hair. Kisses from EssEff, Lizzie, don't be a stranger!

Photo of (l-to-r) Laurel Toby, Elizabeth Spiers and Daniel Kunitz by Nikola Tamindzic for Gawker Media