Smith has been filling in for the past couple of days and sadly, Friday will be his last day. According to his site, he called in last spring for a phone interview to promote some movie with which we shall not name, and had such a good time (there’s an mp3 posted on his site of a karaoke version of “Wanted: Dead or Alive” that Sarah and No Name made him do while on the show) that when they asked him to fill in, he said yes. Why somebody with enough money to never have to get up and work at 5:30 in the morning would do so is beyond me, but Smith has never been your average bear. You wouldn’t see Steven Soderbergh doing something like this, but then again, he’s too busy partying with George Clooney to do radio.

Kevin has also been offering online commentary on his three-day gig on his message board and mp3s have been created of his show. For those of you at work and want to watch, check out the Alice Web cam.

Image of Jay and Silent Bob from Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back