San Francisco has a hell of a traffic problem. We have one of the highest traffic densities in the country.

We all know that this makes for a number of problems, so we have to wonder why the hell so many people run red lights in this town. It's crazy! The instances in which we've felt like a human version of Frogger have become too numerous to count.

And all drivers are equal opportunity red-light runners. It's not just cabs (though our most recent near-death experience was at the hands of a DeSoto). It's not just Beemers, Mercedes, and other "I'm too good for your traffic laws" folks (though, anecdotally at least, these have been the worst offenders in our experience). And it's not just jalopy drivers. No, man, it's everyone.


Are you really in that much of a rush? Are you really that anxious to kill someone?

Photo from Big Photo's free photo gallery