While we here in the -ist empire are struggling to cover the globe with our pithy observations and bad puns, we must offer grudging respect to Craig's List, for whom the world is clearly not enough. While writing a CL post to sell off some of our Giants tickets, the posting form asked us if it was "ok to transmit this posting into outer space." What the fuh? Huh? Whu the fah? FhwauH?

Always game for taking the red pill, we followed the link, which leads to a press release, distributed yesterday, about how CL, "global leader in local classifieds and online community, announced plans to offer its users the opportunity to have their postings transmitted trillions of miles beyond the confines of the Solar System. craigslist currently handles 5 million earthly postings each month, from 8 million humans, in 99 cities and 19 countries on the planetary surface."

"It looks like we may hit 2 billion page views per month in March here on Earth," states main man Craig Newmark. "We wanted to be the first to offer free job postings, apartment listings, personals and other classifieds to the extraterrestrial community. We believe there could be an infinite market opportunity,"

Need we say more? Nuh-uh.