If you, like us, want to support our local arts community but aren't really interested in buying one of those Hearts of SF -- we're here to help! If you, like us, want something with a little feminist indie cachet to hang in your apartment, we're here to help! And if you, like us, search vainly on ebay for something -- anything -- cool to buy, and end up bidding instead on a scratched 45 of "The Super Bowl Shuffle", we're here to help.

Local nonprofit and independently-published feminist/pop culture zine Bitch Magazine is holding a benefit auction for the next two weeks, featuring art from its pages, and arts and crafts from its contributors. Where else would you be able to find Lynda Barry drawings starting at $30 (see above), an Alison Bechdel cartoon panel for $35, or Guerrilla Girls prints at the impossible price of $10 each?

They're also offering a print of Rebecca McBride's photograph on the cover of Michelle Tea's book Valencia (which we used to illustrate that post on the DPT's proposals about the street just last week), and a collection of comic book anthologies signed by comic book historian Trina Robbins, among many other cool items (meet Michelle Tea! Get a portrait painted of your pet! A t-shirt of Valerie Solanas by Diane DiMassa!) Plus -- sold-out back issues, cover art and illustrations from the magazine, and -- special treat! -- the Bitch staff annotates an issue of Jane, the magazine we all love to hate.

The auction preview begins today and bidding goes from March 6-13. All money goes to support the magazine.

Art by Lynda Barry, available at an opening bid of $30. Disclosure: This SFist is on the nonprofit board of Bitch Magazine, but gets no perks at all in the auction bidding.