SFist literally stumbled (we were a bit tipsy) into Artist Television Access Studios last Friday night. We were looking for an entirely different event, but once we got inside, we stuck around. Why? Because they were screening the incredibly compelling documentary , directed and produced by local film phenom Kevin Epps.

Blending a hardcore hip-hop beat and some seriously disturbing footage from both contemporary HP and the riots of the sixties, comments from neighborhood locals of all ages, and a clear and concise narrative that brings it together, we highly recommend this film. Considering the filmmakers youth and the film's budget, it's a really great effort. This is the neighborhood behind the police blotter, in all it's beauty and depression, and may be the definitive document of a community on the verge of collapse due to violence and gentrification.

The party is on Thursday, and the ten dollar cover gets you a copy of the DVD -- which you can also purchase for $30 online (SFist would also like to recommend Sydewayz about the Oakland Sideshow scene). And Blue Cube has one of the best sound systems in the city, so it's a definite must-attend event.

Still from the Straight Outta Hunters Point trailer.

Straight Outta Hunters Point