The party was for CodeCon, San Francisco's very own indie coder convention. As Technorati's Niall Kennedy put it, "When I was growing up, I loved Microsoft. Now I'm here at CodeCon." Founded in 2002 by Bram Cohen and Len Sassaman, CodeCon involved three days of presentations on everything from hacking DNS servers to stream video, to a Java-based RSS/ATOM feed parser, to a tool for the most secure possible network chats. To give you an idea of what CodeCon means to you, consider that Bram presented his paper on BitTorrent at the original CodeCon. And if you've ever been Slashdotted, you know you can appreciate that.

And to give you an idea of how we're going to treat our coverage, how about a blind item?

Sometimes coders can go crazy -- drink enough Mountain Dew and you're bound to have a psychic break eventually. Which topflight coder practically begged another topflight coder to present at CodeCon, only to disinvite him at the last minute? Seems Looney Louis has been burning some bridges of late, and no one can understand why. All SFist knows is that if you deal with hackers and work with computers, it's probably in your best interests not to piss them off.