We're happy to hear that folks made it out to the Coronet, given that we, and everyone else had been told yesterday would be the Coronet's last day in business.

However, according to SFists Rain and Shane, as well as today's Chron, the management of the Coronet has decided to keep the Coronet open until the end of the month, as the theater has had pretty decent traffic this week. One might speculate that this is less a testament to (a fine film, granted, but there have recently been a lot of fine films at the Coronet that we saw in a near empty theater) than it is due to the desire of locals to take in one last show at the theater.

There's something fittingly cinematic about the many deaths of this theater, reminiscent of the passing of many a screen hero and/or villian. It gives up hope that maybe, against all odds, the Coronet will make it back for a sequel.

Photo of Jason action figure, who has died almost as many deaths as the Coronet, from Starstore Collectibles.

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