Being from Philadelphia, SFist always thought 49ers fans had it too easy. After all, their team won Super Bowls, they had the model franchise, and they had the Sainted Joe Montana at Quarterback. And then, in an embarrassment of riches, Joe was followed by an equally kick-ass QB, Steve Young. Now the Niners will have two Quarterbacks enshrined in the football Hall of Fame as today it was announced that Steve Young, along with Dan Marino, will be elected into the Hall.

Not many teams can claim one Quarterback in the Hall and now the Niners will have two, which is especially amazing considering they came back to back. More often than not, one star QB would go and the team would struggle for years afterwards, never able to find anybody half as good. But not the Niners. Young, of course, was the QB the last time the Niners last won the Superbowl, way back in 1994. He was also league MVP in 1992 and 1994, led the league in passing six years, and retired with the highest quarterback ranking in history. His league high rating of 112.8 was also a record until Peyton Manning smashed that record along with every other record this season. The first modern left-handed quarterback to be elected, Young was also one of the first quarterbacks to turn the run into a weapon as his scrambles earned him both praise and criticism, especially when he started picking up concussions almost every week and caused everyone to hold their breaths everytime he took off. His mad dash against the Vikings sometime in the 80's (we can't remember when) is still one of our favorite football plays ever.

It's hard to remember now but there was a time when Young was not liked by members of the Faithful. When Montana was unceremoniously let go in 1992, many blamed it on Young and for most of his career as a 49er, he was always compared to Joe, who by then most Niners fans believed walked on water and never ever lost a game. Young slowly won everyone over with the class he showed in handling not only the Montana rivalry, but criticisms of his supposed inability to win the big game. In fact, while SFist never really rooted for the Niners, we found it hard to not root for Young because he came off as such as nice, likeable guy. When the Niners got into the Superbowl in 1994, it was seen as much as Young's chance to get the supposed "can't win the big one" monkey off his back (it's currently residing on Peyton Manning's back) and his unbelievable performance in the game (six touchdown passes) put that all to rest. Now he's on ESPN's football show where he's actually really good and works on his non-profit organization, The Forever Young Foundation.

So Congratulations Steve- couldn't happen to a nicer guy.