We s**t you not, we just went to the 'Gate to find a link to this brief news item buried in a Bay Area section sidebar about the FBI setting up a hotline for whistle blowers to report corruption and graft in local city, state and federal offices. Of course, we were going to make the inevitable comparisons to the poor, beleaguered staff of Kevin Shelley. "Haha, he's corrupt!" being the implication [], because, of course, we can't say that unless it's true.

And then, like God's own magical ray of blessed holy light breaking through roiling clouds of libel liability, breaking news is that Kevin Shelley is corrupt! Rather than explain away all the 'discretionary' spending under oath, he just up and quit. What's a reasonable conclusion to come to? Because that's all we need in front of the jury!

Anyway, to send more bathrobe-wearing, employee-berating, pork-grifters to 'the private sector,' call 1-800-376-5991.

Ed. Note: Link to our first feature by SFist Rita way back in, like, August.