Well, surely you have $5. Five whole dollars buys you all the pizza you can eat at Poetry and Pizza on Friday. That's tomorrow. We double-checked the hipster central calendar. You're free. Don't pretend you have anything better to do.

The first Friday of each month, poets get together at Escape from New York Pizza (333 Bush St) to, you know, do their poetry groove thing. And you can eat pizza. The money collected at the event ($5 is a suggested amount but certainly feel free to fork it over if you're scarfing every last piece of pie in the place) goes to a selected charity.

This time out, the worthy recipient of the donations will be Red Poppy Art House. And the poets are Elz Cuya, Barbara Jane Reyes, and Michelle Bautista. It all gets underway at 7:30 p.m.

SFist is no poet.
But we know it.
Go eat some pies.
And hear some words.
To do some good.

Red Poppy logo from their website.