As we joked to Chicagoist, "Google's offices are pretty much heaven on earth. It's like the clock stopped for them in February of 2000." How do we know? Well, when we let our publisher know that we've been invited to review the new Brondell Swash (yes, it's being arranged -- anything to get that free Silicon Valley 100 swag), he tipped us to the fact that rumors abounded to the hi-tech nature of the company's commodes.

We went straight to the source -- Google Answers -- and were informed as to their brand of choice. Seems it's the Washlet S300 or "Jasmin." The top of the Washlet line, it features "Convenient Remote Control with Large LCD Panel; Automatic Air Purifier; Warm Air Dryer; Heated SoftClose Seat with Temperature Control; Gentle, Aerated Warm Water."

Seems the Swash has some stiff competition for America's anal attention. Our guess is that Googlers probably spend a lot of time on the can, seeing as how they can dine at one of most exclusive restaurants in the Bay Area -- citizen Cedichou managed to score an invite-only reservation, and while the food was a bit "bland," who the f**k else feeds their employees like this for free on a daily basis? Guess it helps if you're pulling down $200 million in profits your last quarter.

Image from Washlet site. Thanks to Cedric of Le Blog De San Francisco for the inside dope on Google's cafeteria.