Because your desperate need for cash outweighs your normally laissez-faire attitude towards paperwork, SFist is pretty sure you're starting to think about your taxes and how you can get that killer refund this year.

Well, you can start by sending money to tsunami relief. In case you missed it donations you make until January 31st of this year can be counted against your deductions for 2004. As you know, because you are totally, like, up on your tax law charitable deductions can normally only be taken in the year they were made. The tsunami disaster is unique in a number of ways and this is one of the good ones.

So if you've been putting it off, for some reason we can't possibly imagine, then now is a great time to finally click that donation button. They enacted a whole new law for this one. Most of the time, SFist gets nervous when the government jumps on making new laws in the heat of the moment (ahemPatriotActahem) but this one is cool with us!