Reach a hand across the blogger/print media divide and get your weekly buzz on at the Indie Mag All-Star party this Saturday from 8-10. Locally-published magazines Kitchen Sink, Bitch Magazine, Other Magazine, LiP, and Ohio's Clamor are throwing a reading party at the Make Out Room, in conjunction with the independent press convention this weekend.

Admission is free, drinks are on you (or whichever cute indie writer/editor you can get to buy). The current issues of the magazines feature writings on borders (Clamor), home and travel (Bitch), fiction contest winners (Kitchen Sink), current issues in left-wing politics (LiP), and utopia/dystopia (Other), so there should be food for thought accompanying your $2 PBR. ($2 happy hour PBR! So good it should be illegal!)

Pic from Kitchen Sink. Obligatory disclosure: this correspondent's affiliated with Bitch; come by and say hi on Saturday to the person in the special SFist-designed Mrs. Chris Daly t-shirt!