You might not have been able to tell but we here at SFist have some mixed feelings about the Newsom breakup. On the one hand, there's been an increase in single female staff members showing up at SFist's headquarters with hopeful expressions. On the other, what are we going to do without Kimber? Those lips, that horsey smile. Dreamy. It seems like it was just yesterday she stood on the steps of City Hall, holding the Bible, wearing a baby doll coat with a floppy, impotent bow that had Jackie O's dead eyes rolling in her grave. Or, or... remember the time she made reference to the mayor's endowments? Man, that was awesome. And classy.

But SFist's loss is, we suppose, Gothamist's gain. Not that they'll pay any attention to her what with their big celebrities and troll-like billionaire Mayor Bloomberg. They won't make her feel at home or give her treats or follow her every move with intense scrutiny and maybe-verging-on-mean snark. No, they'll just ignore her like every other starry-eyed ingenue who goes to the big city to seek fame and fortune.

But we have one more card up our sleeve. Turns out that Oakland had a little help from across the bay in securing their new zoo panda - named, SFist hopes, "So So Best". So keep an eye on our favorite Court TV personality, banana spokesmodel and rumored beard, Gothamist Jen.

Original photo by Dewey Nicks, Harpers Bazaar. Copyright infringing edit by SFist Jackson.