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Seacology works on projects around the world and in a unique way. They ask the local islanders to make a sacrifice on behalf of their local environment and in exchange are provided with a specific material benefit. For example, in exchange for creating a marine reserve the island might get a school or piece of equipment. Since these local populations have been intimately involved in caring for their own land for thousands of years, Seacology figures there's no reason for them not to be capable of doing so now with a little help. They're not imposing some requirement on them that they'll ultimately resent and be unable to sustain - they're creating a win-win partnership. In addition, Seacology awards the Seacology Prize to indigenous environmental leaders each year.

Based out of Berkeley, Seacology operates with a very small staff but a large board of directors and two advisory boards. That goes a long way towards explaining why its administrative expenses are so low and more of your dollars go to actual projects.

So of course you can donate directly to them. That would be most appreciated. Or, you could buy some neat artwork (we had to click on the "What is a Giclee?" link as well) and have some portion of those proceeds go to the organization. We like that, too, because instant Christmas gifts are always welcome.