What are the folks at SFist listening to in anticipation of the BIG party?

SFist Krissy has got the following on rotation: Jolie Holland - "escondida" (a.k.a. the recent Guardian covergirl); South San Gabriel "Welcome Convalesence" (Centro-matic's mellow alter ego; unreleased Esthero single -- listen here -- from the forthcoming We R In Need Of A Musical Revolution EP. Great music with a message one can agree with.)

SFist Alex weighs in with the following picks:
AC Newman -- The Slow Wonder, the New Pornographers front man drops the band, drops a solo album and definitely proves that sometimes less is more.

Luna - Rendezvous, listening to this music feels like watching "Lost In Translation"

Lucy - Lights Out, local rockers whose January 5th benefit show at Bottom of the Hill is not to be missed. (full disclosure: stand-up comic and SFist Alex will be MCing the show.)