If you happen to see a bunch of drunken Santa's running wild through the streets of the city this Sunday, rest assured it's not a Bad Santa fan convention. Nor is it Happy Hour at Macy's. Instead, Sunday is the 10th Annual Santa Con. Or, as it's sometimes known- Santarchy. Santa Con was started ten years ago by members of the Cacophony Society who dressed up as "Cheap Suit Santas" and wreaked havoc throughout the shopping district. People heard about this and thought to themselves "golly gee, that sounds like a splendid way of celebrating the Birth of Baby Jesus" and so a new Christmas tradition was born. Since then, it's grown to include Santa Cons in cities around the world- there was even one in the Antarctica. So far, however,there are none scheduled for the North Pole. We would write a pithy explanation of the point of all this, as if drunkenly rampaging throughout the city dressed up in Santa outfits (and one guy in a “Christmas Bunny” outfit) needs an explanation, but we'll leave it up to one reveler to write what the point is:

Christmas isn't just about racking up credit card debts to buy worthless trinkets from evil megacorporations; for Santa, Christmas is also about becoming loudly intoxicated and handing out disturbing gifts to bewildered shoppers.

Works for us!