Sean Hannity brings his Fox News ventriloquism act (look, Hannity's lips hardly move when Alan Colmes is talking!) to De Anza College's Flint Center for the Performing Arts tonight. Topic: Why godless liberals won't let Steven Williams teach the Declaration of Independence to fifth graders. Unfortunately, it seems tickets are no longer available, but you can tune into KSFO or watch Fox News.

If you haven't been following the story of religious oppression at the hands of heartless Cupertino elementary school administrators, it seems parents have been complaining to the principal of Stevens Creek Elementary School about what they feel is a proselytizing demeanor when teaching early American history to their impressionable young ones. From the Chron:

"My daughter came home one day and said, 'Mr. Williams talks about Jesus 100 times a day,' " said Mike Zimmers, whose daughter was Williams' student last year and began complaining on the second day of school. "She's adored every teacher she had until then."

Due to the complaints, Principal Patricia Vidmar has begun to review Mr. Williams lesson plans in advance. Williams, a self-described "orthodox Christian," feels that the approved curricula (for fifth graders, mind you) does not include enough discussion of the role of religion in the worldview of the founding fathers. Texts that he has discussed in class or distributed to students have included William Penn's "Frame of Government of Pennsylvania," religious clauses in state constitutions, George Washington's prayer journal and the National Prayer Day statement by President Bush. SFist would like to know if Mr. Williams is also discussing the Founding Father's feelings towards slavery, indentured servitude, laudanum, concubines, child labor and duels.