Really poor sweater choices by aged aunts notwithstanding, SFist usually makes out like a bandit at Christmas. And, we feel, we give as good as we get, having, of course, purchased all our gifts well before the last minute rush or online far in advance.

However, there are lots of people who don't get anything for Christmas even if they're the Christmas-celebrating types. And the worst, the most sad-eye-making cases are the kids. Kids with no Christmas gifts! That's terrible! How could democracy stand for it?! Well, as we know, democracy stands for a whole lot of crap things.

But you, you dear reader and fan of kids having happy Christmas day smiles, can help. Verily. We don't really know what that means but you can do it anyway.

The Family Giving Tree is awesome and we know you've seen these around. A tree or box is set up at your workplace or at some local merchant (banks are good bets) and you pick out a card or two that lists a gift wish for a kid. The wishes aren't very complicated or expensive, just a simple toy or hobby item. You purchase the gift in question (and a toothbrush1) and drop it off (unwrapped, so it's super easy!) at the same place you picked up the card. And make sure the card is attached because if wee Suzie wanted a doll for Christmas than you want to make sure she gets it.