Nothing caps off a day at the office like the site of a misunderstood monster stomping the corporate towers of Tokyo. When we watch Godzilla we can almost imagine what it must have felt like for Katsumi Tezuka when he stepped into that suit and smashed those city models. "I am Godzilla...I AM Godzilla!"

Tonight's showing of War of the Gargantuas includes an in person appearance by Russ Tamblyn and we believe tickets are still available. SFist will be attending tomorrow's showing of the OG Gojira, uncut, in its original Japanese, and minus Raymond Burr. Excellent!

According to the Castro's site local legends Bob Wilkins and John Stanley are scheduled to appear for this "star-studded" event. SFist remembers watching Bob Wilkins host "Creature Features" when we were kids, and we realize now that Bob with his Buddy Holly glasses and ever-present cigar was a lot creepier than some of those other horror hosts, with their coffins, and their capes, and their immovable cleavage. We welcome his return.

Be sure to check out the rest of the Godzillafest site for a complete guide to the exhibitions and events that are being held in conjunction with the festival. Get your Godzilla on!