SFist is proud to welcome our first local advertiser, Westside Organics! You may have noticed their handsome banner up there. We gave them a break on price because, well, we need the money to buy t-shirts for the contributors - as lame a thanks as that is for all our hard work. They were nice enough to throw in three deliveries of standard fruit and veggie boxes as a thank you. Not that we don't love fresh organic produce delivered to our door, but we thought we'd reward a lucky reader for their devotion.

Since there's no free lunch -- at least since 2000 -- we're gonna make y'all work for it. So we came up with a little quiz that will not only send all sorts of sweet, sweet traffic Westside Organics' way, but will hopefully convince you that we actually think they're a good deal and are proud to have such fine people to do business with.

After the jump will be three questions. First person to send in the correct answers, by the time stamped by our inbox (not your delivery time -- we can reset our computer clocks, too, you know), gets the grub. Sorry, but we can only offer this to folks in their standard delivery area, so make sure to check if you're eligible. Of course SFist contributors need not apply []. The winner will be announced in the next Culinary Digest -- just in time for holiday entertaining!

Ed. Note: Sorry guys. But t-shirts, I promise!