(We've been dying to use that title for weeks now!) All of you who make that trendy organic soap, sales should be skyrocketing through your thatched roofs with all the mouth-washing-out that's underway in our fair city! First, Heather Hiles, then Chris Daly, then H. Brown, and now Chris Daly again! Oh, our tender ears! Shocked, shocked!

In our most recent foray into asterisk-land, remember Daly's performance at the two-unit TIC land use committee meeting last week? Well, the "f*** off" outburst to the members of the public in attendance at the meeting has prompted Michaela Alioto-Pier to propose a censure motion against Daly, claiming that "verbally abusing members of the public who have come to petition their government is an abuse of office and authority by a member of the Board of Supervisors." Daly, unapologetic, calls it "a tactic by the Newsom machine to silence its critics." (Newsom, firing back, called the allegation "as absurd as it is laughable." Well, we're all laughing, at least.) Daly says he's going to make some phone calls and try and get things resolved; others say, without attribution, they'd think Daly would view a censure as a point of pride.

This is as good as any excuse to review Daly's other moments in asterisks (like at the end of Annie Hall) -- remember......? the near-fight with Willie Brown....? calling Elsbernd a punk-ass b****....? the fight with the cops at Hastings.....? the secret appointment of the PUC guys....? that time he refused to vote on something not going his way (can't find a link for that one, sorry)...? Chris Daly, you're the best!

Daly, for his part, says (scroll to 11/9) he was elected as an activist and shouldn't be expected to act any differently once he's in government (see picture of Daly above, in his activist role). And reporters also say that for all of Daly's shenanigans, he has always made himself remarkably accessible to the public and is always willing to listen.

You know, we don't really care much how it turns out either way -- we're just here for the party! The censure vote will take place next week. And oh yeah -- in all the hubbub, Daly's two-unit TIC proposal passed, after some heavy amendments (if you evict someone elderly or disabled in a 2-unit TIC move-in, you have to go through a lottery to condo convert and only 25 units can be converted, but all other 2 unit TICs are exempt.)