...or is it a DCist cameo on SFist? Our sister site notes that one of our local boys, Adam Werbach, and his new group, the November 3 Theses, have invaded their town to wheat-paste flyers on the doors of the DNC. Kind of like Martin Luther, except he had 95 theses and the November Thirders only have nineteen. Um, sorry about your doors, Terry McAuliffe (at least you'll have plenty of time to scrape that stuff off over the next four years).

The November Thirders are demanding that the Democratic Party take on a more progressive platform in light of -- well, you know, the red states, the blue states, very upsetting, November 2nd, etc. Werbach has said he'll be pasting the flyers on the DNC door every day (scroll down past all the Daly stuff) until they get a response.

Werbach is the former head of the Sierra Club, has written a book ("Act Now, Apologize Later"), and now runs a progressive environmental action group called Common Assets. In keeping with today's Chris Daly City theme, Werbach is also the guy who got to stay on the Public Utilities Commission board after Daly snuck him on when Willie was away. (The other person appointed to that board was, of course, our other local politics obsession Kevin Shelley's best friend's son, Andrew Lee! It all comes back to the PUC board.)

Werbach will clearly be played by Jason Schwartzman in the movie version of this blog. (Suggestions on who should play Chris Daly are always welcome in the comments.)