What are you up to in the next five days? If you've got some spare time and you're itching to do something worthwhile, maybe you should get yourself hooked up with Driving Votes. That's a great organization that puts together group trips to swing states from safe states around the country for progressives who are just itching to have a different president and want to do something more about it than just voting at their local precincts. There are two trips to Reno and three to Las Vegas leaving from the Bay Area this weekend. They need bodies and they need cars, especially for Vegas. Get on it! (And while you're in Vegas, play a few hands of high stakes poker for your pals back in Ess Eff.)

For more info, email Meera Garud, who's organizing one of the Vegas trips, or just poke around the Driving Votes website.

The John Kerry website has a similar program here.

And if you've got any other bright ideas about how to help kick Bush out of office in the next couple of days, send an email to Shane and he'll write up a piece on SFist about it. Or just post something in the comments.