Umm… not much. Unsure of what your Halloween Costume will be? Why not consider a more lasting form of decoration? While you might not want to take it as far as Stalking Cat, you’ll be able to find ample tattoo opty’s this weekend at the San Francisco Tattoo Entertainment Expo. A few hundred in ready cash, and fearlessness in the face of commitment, or at least the ability to commit to permanent body art, and you got your pick of the finest the tattoo art world has to offer.

Running Friday-Sunday at the Nob Hill Masonic Auditorium, the expo will have everything from a life time achievement award for Lyle Tuttle to tattoo contests and burlesque shows. There will be exhibits by some of the most famous tattoo artists, as well as by many a local ink shop. In all, over ninety tattoo shops will be at the expo, guaranteeing that you’ll be able to find someone whose style you dig. $20 gets you in on all the fun ($10 if you’re a kid). While you’re out there getting a half sleeve, SFist will be quietly investing in tattoo removal technology.