Far be it from us to post stories making some spurious claim about some noted official and then disappear whenever they try to defend themselves. So when said noted official tries to defend themself, we'll be the first to bring it to ya'. Which brings us to BananaGate (HungGate?), the big talk-about-town item about whether or not Kimberly Guilfoyle Newsom revealed too much of the First Couple’s sex life, even miming giving the Gavster a Lewinsky as a way of showing an audience how she keeps him straight. Or so said the New York Post, a well-known fount of journalistic credibility. After dithering around for a bit and trying to downplay the story, thus creating a bit of a stir (one ex-official sniffed “it's not something that Jackie (Onassis) would ever have said''), Mrs. Newsom has decided to try and nip the thing in the bud as it were and talked to the Chron’s Matier & Ross. “'I was falseley accused,'” she told them about l’affaire. And while she does admit to making those comments, she denies the now infamous hand motion saying that she merely "…raised her elbow at a 45-degree angle and pointed at herself with a closed fist and thumbs up. "'It was not a banana-mimicking gesture,'" she added. "I know what I said and did. ... I have nothing to hide'"

We are so relieved.

Although saying he’s claiming to be quite alright with the little Misses statements’, the Gavster can’t be happy that his State of the City speech, which got such boffo reviews, has been a bit obscured by the controversary. Said one person who attended the speech: “My bet…he's trying to get under Hillary's (Rodham Clinton) wing for VP.'' No word on whether that person was a supporter or a Republican drooling over the prospect of a Hillary/Gavin “I Married a Bunch of Gay People” Newsom ticket. All we can say is that it could have been worse- Kimberly could have mentioned that Dick Cheney’s daughter is a lesbian.

PS- and if you think part of the reason to run this story is to once again show that photo of the First Couple, you are correct. As Sfist Jackson put it, the photo is "so best."