If you don't know, Afrika Bambaataa basically blessed the world with hip-hop - along with fellow angels Kool Herc, Grandmaster Flash and the people of the South Bronx (we're so jealous you have this beat, Gothamist). SFist feels that San Francisco is at the leading edge in the rebirth of historical consciousness in hip-hop, and agree with Bambaataa when he says that the fundamentals are being found as far as Tokyo and Rome these days.


Bam was incredibly generous with his time, answering questions from Shout Magazine and Eddie Mariano of KCSF. He covered topics ranging from the current state of hip-hop to mind-bending propoganda to the latest in DJ technology. To say the man is a genius is an understatement, so you should drop by Amoeba next month for the latest issue of Shout to read or tune in to KCSF to listen to his pearls of wisdom. You can also check out the streaming audio from his performance at the DNA Lounge (he went on last and rocked until four!). For more information on Bambaataa's international organization for personal empowerment through cultural expression, check out the Zulu Nation web site.