Don't put away those unattractive waterproof shoes just yet -- more rain is expected to hit the area starting around tonight. Good for you skiers, not so good for us plebes who don't have our fancy-pants cabins in Tahoe and have to jump over clogged drains just to get to work. (....hey, you don't happen to have space in your fancy-pants cabin for anyone to crash at, do you?)

Of course, weather prediction being what it is, this could all end in a mild precipitation-free evening for all of us -- though the meterologists are feeling pretty good about their models these days. Meanwhile, the oceanographers are predicting it will indeed be an El Nino year this year, but a much milder one than the freezing-cold miserable 1997-1998 winter. (Check out the pictures of the Pacific and global currents above, from NOAA.) SFist is stocking up on instant cocoa and mint schnapps -- just in case!