One of the things SFist loves about Oakland in all its post-industrial glory is that it's a great place for young artists to find studios. Take a walk through Temescal, West Oakland or Fruitvale on almost any weekend and you're bound to come across some emerging artist's open studio.

In that vein, we'd like to invite you to check out Keba Konte's open studio this Saturday and Sunday. An actual "native San Franciscan," he works with photography and mixed media to produce hauntingly beautiful images. From the artist's statement:

My medium is: wood, photography, montage, paint, and found objects rich in texture and history.

My process is more intuitive, less conceptual. I utilize fire, charcoal, water, oil and power tools. I commonly work on many different pieces at once. My process is labor intensive.

So hop on the Dublin/Pleasanton (or Fremont) and get off at Fruitvale. Head to 1836 33rd at Foothill. He'll be around from eleven to five both days, and bring your kidlets for storytelling and face painting. It's a great chance to actually meet an artist on their home turf and get to the roots of their inspiration. Orignals, prints and the obligatory t-shirts for sale. Click the photo for a larger version of the flyer.