Well, folks, we degenerated into our very first flame session today. Yay! We've made it! We've officially become intertards!

While we [Ed. Note: I] may have gotten a bit too frisky in responding to some comments, understand that it's because we [Ed. Note: I] are grumpy and have been dealing with the issues discussed behind the scenes for some time now. Of course we want feedback! We love you! But we'd really like it to be relevant to the specific post and not to the style and management of the site itself. For that, email the editor personally for private discussion. We take the site very seriously, and, frankly, many of the decisions relating to the style, tone and identity of the site were made by the good folks at Gothamist long before we ever signed on to edit and contribute.

On that note, we'd like to leave you with the Gothamist comments policy, which details specifically what we want to see in our comments. And we'd also like to point out that we reserve the right to delete comments, block comments from a specific IP address or close comments on a post at any time and for any arbitrary reason we bother to think of, or for no reason at all. So there. We're looking forward to seeing the 'I hate SFist' blog any time now.