I'm sure all of you remember Lucky, the bunny who had a lit firecracker attached to her, and was then thrown into a lake. We're happy to say that she has finally found a safe home in Concord with an experienced rabbit caretaker. We are very happy for her and wish her a long peaceful life of hay, carrots, and snuggling.

SFist would like to direct you to two aspects of the Chronicle article on this that we find interesting. Item one, on Lucky's alleged abusers:

"They have pleaded not guilty to misdemeanor animal- cruelty charges"

SFist hates when our voice gets all shrieky like this, but "not gulity"? Dude, y'all took pictures of yourselves doing this and posted them on the internet! What's their defense, the bunny taped the firecracker to herself, then threw herself in the lake to put out the flames?

And item the second, on Lucky's former owner and alleged abuser:

"Sigmon, who hopes to study biology at UC Santa Barbara in the fall, yelled an expletive when contacted recently by a Chronicle reporter. His attorney did not return a call for comment."

We just think this is funny. We imagine a conversation where the phone in answered, the reporter identifies himself, and Nick Sigmon yells "Doody!" and slams down the receiver.