There aren't too many doubleheaders in baseball anymore, and most of them are split admission, so you gotta have two tickets, one for each game. Today, though, it's just like old times and you can watch two games for the price of one at 24 Willie Mays Plaza. Los Gigantes and Les Expos are playing their regularly scheduled game today as well as a makeup of one that was rained out in Puerto Rico in May, and since the Giants couldn't really get away with charging admission for what was supposed to be a road game, it's all on one ticket.

Puerto Rico? Is that in Canada? Well, since the Expos have about ten fans left north of the border, they've played a quarter of their "home" games in San Juan the last two years. Chances are, actually, they will no longer play any of their home games in Montreal after this year because it looks like they're moving to Washington DC next season. So if you've never seen a French-Canadian baseball team in person and you're not sure your life would be complete without it, you'd better hustle down to Third and King, because after today it looks like you'll be merde out of luck. With the Giants leading the wild card race and playing like champs since the last time SFist checked in on them, it's a good time to enjoy the good weather and hopefully some good baseball. The first game's at 12:35 and the second will start thirty minutes after that one ends. They're sold out, but you can probably get a ticket on Craig's List or outside the park. And bring a sandwich; eating ballpark food for seven hours ain't cheap.