SFist is intrigued by SB 1841, which was passed yesterday by the California State Assembly with a vote of 41-29. This bill would require employers to inform employees if job site e-mail and Internet activities are being monitored. According to this brief piece in the San Jose Mercury News:

"The measure, SB 1841 from Sen. Debra Bowen, D-Marina del Rey, requires employers to give employees a one-time written notice if they plan to read e-mail, track Internet use, or use other electronic devices to monitor employees on or off the job.

"Supporters say the bill provides simple privacy protections to workers. Opponents complained the legislation is not needed and only adds to the liabilities to employers."

What do you think? Are employers obligated to let us know that might be watching us? What do the ethics of personal internet use during work mean to you? SFist ourself has been known to use our work time and computer for personal recreation, but we have to admit that a little judicious internet slacking is the only way to get through our frequently (well, more frequently than we'd like) busy and stressful day. Will all employers give this written notice to employees just to protect themselves (even if they don't monitor use)? Let us know what you think.