The last five or ten years have seen the Bay Area go from boom to bust, and while SFist didn't have to pack up a truck and move back to Palookaville like some of our friends, we weren't exactly sipping Cristal at an Industry Standard party, either. We knew people who were worth millions and lost it all; others were paid for work with now-worthless options instead of cash; even SFist is getting paid nearly half what they were making just four years ago.

So it's with both excitement and trepidation that we watch Google's initial public offering. Excitement because we're nostalgic for the days when total idiots became millionaires overnight. Trepidation because those same idiots are now begging us for change on our way to work. SFist likes Google. In fact, SFist would hardly be possible without it. But like many investors, SFist is not going to be buying any Google stock. We're more interested in Sergey Brin's Hot or Not score. Though we may apply for a job.

Go to to get your bidder ID - registration ends at 5pm PST on Thursday, August 12th, and the auction will begin soon after. Shares are expected to be priced between $100-$140 each, with the final price determinted by Dutch auction. SFist wishes you luck, Google, and we hope we don't see you posted on F**ked Company anytime soon.