"The New Kennedys?" I hope this means Da Mayor won't be gunned down or implicated in a rape or murder. Or marry Arnold Schwarzenegger (although, if Gavin had his way, they could). Still, it doesn't really help what few 'man of the people' credentials one may have as a politician to be splayed out on a rug in the Getty mansion in a scene reminiscent of a soft-porn flick. Guess you gotta pay for all that hair product somehow.

Leah Garchik, who SFist reads religiously, gives Gavin and Kimberly's spread in Harper's Bazaar the full Hearst treatment in today's Datebook. Can someone say synergy? SFist has to admit the couple do look good, but we like a little more substance to our political discourse than fashion spreads and fluff copy. It's really more the Bush family's style. Still, it'll sure make a few other cities jealous. Could you imagine Michael Bloomberg with his hair moussed and his shirt unbuttoned? Sorry about that mental image.

SFist is going to write to Cosmo and suggest a Matt Gonzalez spread. Now that would fly off the shelves around here. He's dreamy - and still available, ladies!