[Ed. Note: This story is just too, um, important to cover from only one perspective. Contributor Rita Hao helps take on the major issue of the day.]

This morning, while paging leisurely to the ultimate goal of the funny pages, SFist nearly spit out its coffee all over the front page of the Datebook section. ......Whaaaaaaa? Who are these people? Why is our mayor lying like Fabio in a tux on a rug in the Getty mansion? Why did people vote for this man over adorable Matt Gonzalez? Did Newsom just wake up last week and think, you know, I don�t want anyone to take any of the policy work I�ve done seriously at all?

If this was an attempt to distract people from the positive and uncritical press Care Not Cash is receiving, congratulations! It's working! Now we all think our mayor hates the poor AND that he looks really awkward with his wife.