SFist doesn't know why were on the animal experimentation tip so heavy. May have something to do with the intersection of the biotech industry and animal rights activism.

While SFist just re-uses the water bottles we get from the vending machine or corner store, over the last few years we've seen the rise of people who carry their water-bottle with them wherever they go. Some want a reusable product to reduce solid waste. Others do it for health reasons. Of course hikers and campers have been doing it for ages. And the water bottle of choice is made by an obscure lab-supplies firm known as Nalgene. And like everything you may like but is in fact part of a sinister plan, it's being boycotted.

Rocky Mountain Animal Defense first raised awareness of Nalgene's broad range of products including restraints, cages and forceps. SFist is perplexed - on the one hand, we want new medicines that are safe to use. On the other hand, bunnies are for petting, eating and posing for Scholastic posters, not stuffing in stainless steel cages and being injected with god knows what. What do you think? Try to be nice.