One of the best things about living in San Francisco is that you don't really need a car for everyday life. Certainly, MUNI or BART aren't perfect, and the Caltrain is still a little too far away to be useable on a whim, but most of us have the option of getting to work or going out for the evening on buses, little light trains, or subways. How great is that? Plus, MUNI buses in particular are a good way to see the city in all its glory too (SFist is partial to the 22 Fillmore for scenery- and people-watching).

That makes this contest even a better deal! Brought to you by the folks who provide those weird "TransitLink" readers on the MUNI trains and BART stations that no one seems to use (yet), they're giving away an iPod a month (and one lucky dog wins a bike) just for agreeing to take public transportation at least one day a week. For those of you who just bought your August FastPasses, what are you waiting for? For those of you who drive places, c'mon, you can pay the $1.25 and take the 1 California or the J Church home one day a week. You know, you might even like it better than waiting for that elusive left arrow green light at Franklin and Market.

See ya on the train. Don't forget to take your transfer.