Here in San Francisco, we seem to have a constant flow of major events of national relevance. From DreamForce to Outside Lands, among the hordes who travel here are VIPs who often require additional protection beyond the event's normal private security guards. SF is also among the most popular US cities as a backdrop for movies or commercials. These VIPs attending events and famous individuals visiting for shoots or other meetings tend to hire bodyguard protective services to secure individuals of particular importance. This list includes the top 12 bodyguard companies in San Francisco. Why is this list free to read?

Armada Protective Services
#1 of 12 Best SF Bodyguard Companies

Armada Protective Services can provide a uniformed security officer for an event or everyday needs. Each security officer working for this company is carefully screened and trained. This San Francisco bodyguard agency offers patrol options for those looking to have someone watch for fires and unsafe conditions when a business is closed. Those interested in using security services to protect their business can work with the Armada Protective Services team to come up with a customized security plan that will work well for them.

American Global Security
#2 of 12 Top Bodyguards in San Francisco

American Global Security is a firm that provides professional security services to clients all over the world. Their team is experienced and knowledgeable about the various types of protection that are available to individuals and businesses. They have a wealth of experience in providing security consulting, intelligence gathering, and operational support to their clients. Clients can expect them to provide a detailed understanding of their specific needs. They work with clients to create a customized protection plan that meets specific needs. They also have a wide range of resources available to them, so they can provide offer the best possible service. This is a team of security experts with years of experience guarding high-profile individuals and events. They provide detailed protection plans that include everything from security checks to emergency response plans. American Global Security is a bodyguard service provider in SF that provides around-the-clock personal protection or even 24/7 surveillance and armed guards for larger events.

Capital Protection Group
#3 of 12 Leading Personal Bodyguards in SF

Capital Protection Group is an SF personal bodyguard company based in California. They provide their customers with a range of services to keep them safe, including executive protection, event security, and close protection. They work closely with their clients to develop a security plan that meets their specific needs and provides them with peace of mind. Whether you're looking for protection for yourself or your loved ones, Capital Protection Group is the SF personal bodyguard company you can trust.

Citiguard Security Guards
#4 of 12 Top-Notch SF Bodyguards for Hire

Are you in business and need protection of your assets? Are you in need of private security services? Well, your search seems to come to an end. Citiguard has got you covered. It is an American private security agency that sponsors highly effective security guards that are deployed for all matters of security. The beauty is that Citiguard Security Guards can fulfill all your security needs. They are always in contact with their clients to ensure customer satisfaction. In addition, they acknowledge the importance of being in personal touch with their clients. Some of the unmatched services provided by this Bodyguard Company in San Francisco include - Alarm Response, Golf Cart Patrol, Airport Security, Guest Services, Personal Security, Fire Watch Services, Foot Patrol, Emergency Services, Warehouse Security, & Vehicle Patrol. The list of the services offered by this security guard company is endless. If you have a business or you need personal security, Citiguard Security Guards should be your destination.

Bannerman Security
#5 of 12 Best Bodyguards in San Francisco

It is located in San Francisco, California, in the United States. Bannerman is a pioneer in physical security and established the first security market in history, connecting clients with security experts. Bannerman has the biggest and best network of contract security guards in the market. In the area of security, quality is a function of price. They ensure that each security guard has been examined and obtained a license, insurance, and certification. Bannerman Security has wholly changed the private security field by providing the most straightforward way for residential, commercial, retail, and other facilities managers to hire and manage highly skilled security personnel with dependable security coverage. At Bannerman, clients are in touch with top security experts who screen each applicant to ensure that every guard in the marketplace has the required training, credentials, and experience. They do this to guarantee that our clients receive unmatched security, safety, and quality throughout their Bannerman expertise.

Jones Protective Services
#6 of 12 Top Personal Bodyguards in SF

Jones Protective Services is a company with an innovative approach to security. We specialize in investigative and notary services but also offer standard security solutions. This means we can meet your needs without the hassle and expense of finding a different agency for each type of service. If you need someone to handle collection efforts on your behalf, we would be happy to notarize the process at no additional charge. It provides security services, mainly at auto shows, festivals, trade shows, and food and beverage events such as beer festivals, bonfires, and concerts. It also provides investigative services for background checks and private investigators. It partners with clients to provide security on various occasions, such as sporting events, conferences, and tradeshows and provides investigative services. They conduct background investigations, such as investigations of weight loss coaches, divorce lawyers, and surrogate mothers; they also perform pre-employment investigations of new hires by employers.

Securelion Security
#7 of 12 Leading SF Bodyguards for Hire

Securelion Security is a California-based company providing information security consulting and technology solutions since 2001. As the tech world has evolved, they've been keeping up by providing the latest tools and best practices in the industry to their clients to help them protect themselves from cybercrime and confidential data loss. SecureLion provides a wide range of IT security services that include vulnerability assessments, security reviews, penetration testing, risk mitigation services, incident response mitigation services, and IronPort eDiscovery Services for law firms and corporations alike. SecureLion provides a wide range of technology services, including, but not limited to, Web Security, Mobile Device Security, and Data Loss Prevention (DLP). The SecureLion team will be able to help a company to establish a more secure corporate environment without the company having to invest in new technology. Additionally, companies are spending money on security at alarming rates, so keeping up with all the latest trends is essential. Using one of the leading technology companies in the field, you can receive the latest information and take advantage of their expertise.

Guardian Protection Force
#8 of 12 Best Personal Bodyguards in SF

Guardian Protection Force is a company that provides personal protection and security for individuals, families, and businesses. They are the premier providers of this service in California, providing top-notch, affordable, and convenient protection. It offers private investigations, customized protection, and, if needed, 24-hour security services. They are designed to help you, your family and your employees protect themselves from personal attacks. Regardless of the need for executive protection, personal bodyguard service or private investigations, their main goal is to give their customers the protection they need to keep them safe from some of the current threats, like a home invasion, active threat, stalking, and more. They offer private investigators as well as security guards that utilize cutting-edge technology to help them provide you with protection from threats and attacks. Guardian Protection Force is more than just offering security and protection against an attack; they are also in the business of providing high-quality, professional service. The company is a service-oriented organization that focuses on providing safety without the intimidation that you usually experience when hiring a private investigator or an off-duty security guard.

Plaza Protection
#9 of 12 Top SF Bodyguards for Hire

A San Fransisco-based security company that helps protect people, families, and businesses by providing them with first-rate service at an affordable price. For a business, Plaza Protection provides security officers to patrol the outside of the building to give a feeling of safety. They offer professional monitoring services for a home or private property that notify your peace of mind and give you added protection when you are away from home. And for individuals, they offer self-defense training classes on different levels, such as women's self-defense programs or children's martial arts classes.-based company. Plaza Protection is a comprehensive commercial real estate service offering proactive and reactive protection for buildings. It provides leaders of property investments with the tools necessary to understand their risks and opportunities, as well as a network of experts who can identify potential threats before they happen. The company has been expanding recently, with over 100 employees operating out of offices in 10 locations across the U.S. It's goal is to help protect property owners from those who seek to take advantage of them while keeping them informed on how to protect themselves in the future best using resources such as crime data, building violations, and security footage.

Mint Security
#10 of 12 Leading SF Bodyguard Companies

Mint Security is a company providing armed and unarmed guards in all of San Francisco. The founder and owner, Johnny Tomasella, began the firm with an aim to provide reliable protection to people of all caliber. He has over 30 years of serving in the French army and nine years in private security. The security firm offers guards for individuals, buildings, and functions. Their guards get a background check from the Bureau of Security and Investigate Services, and they always carry their BSIS guard card for proper identification. A personal interview with the CEO helps verify each staff member before they begin working and ensures only legitimate people work in the company. Johnny always ensures that the guards receive the highest and most updated training to keep them fit and equipped for any security work. For him, guarding lives is a passion he intends to fulfill by offering his services to all San Francisco residents.

STT Security Services
#11 of 12 Top-Notch Bodyguards in San Francisco

STT Security Services is a partnership company with a human touch. Our professional staff consists of people trained to provide more than just security. We offer training and education as well. Quality service is the cornerstone of our mission to provide you with peace of mind. We treat our employees and clients as we would like to be treated. STT Security Services is a licensed and bonded company providing security, training and education services. We provide our clients with a wide range of services tailored to meet their unique needs. Our mission is to provide the highest level of personal, professional, and client care in a safe environment. We continuously evolves and provides a competitive edge in today’s challenging economic, political and social environment. On-going instruction keeps security personnel current on the latest techniques and tactics through training seminars and certification testing. Each day the agency uses leading-edge technology to maintain quality service to our clients.

Metro Security Services
#12 of 12 Best SF Bodyguards for Hire

Metro Security Services is located in San Francisco with a team of qualified staff. It is a full-service security company that offers a wide range of services to businesses and organizations in the Bay Area. Offering a variety of solutions for both physical and cyber security and provides protection from all types of threats. Our company can provide you with the coverage you need to keep your business safe from surveillance to alarm monitoring. Contact Metro Security Services through the company website for more information about our services.



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