San Francisco wasn't always the place of high-fashion and opulence that it is today. When I was born here, it was already a wealthier metropolis, but it was also largely known as a hippie city filled with grungy bands, artists and dreamers. If you know where to look, you'll still find amazing artists and the oddities for which SF is known. On the other hand, if you are looking for a high-end jeweler talented enough to make your one-of-a-kind, and once in a lifetime engagement ring or wedding band, you're also in the right place. San Francisco's top custom jewelry shops can craft a piece of art that you or your partner can wear for the rest of your lives. Check out our list below. Why is this list free to read?

Trabert Goldsmiths
#1 of 17 Best SF Custom Wedding Jewelry Shops

At Trabert Goldsmiths, the team believes firmly in the power of jewelry making. Working with only the best materials, they strive to create pieces that are absolutely unforgettable. From restoring lovely family heirlooms to making pieces that are completely new, this team knows just how symbolic a piece of jewelry can actually be. Boasting over 18 years of experience, they have come to know many of their clients quite well. Located in the heart of San Francisco, this group always strives to provide exceptional customer service while expressing its aesthetic artistry.

Yadav Diamonds and Jewelry
#2 of 17 Leading Engagement & Wedding Ring Stores SF

Yadav Diamonds and Jewelry is a business in San Francisco that has been providing customers with quality diamonds for over 40 years. They have an amazing selection of engagement rings, diamond earrings, necklaces, and bracelets. Yadav Diamonds also offers free shipping on all orders within the continental United States! They have plenty of diamonds to choose from, including certification from the four major diamond grading organizations: GIA (Gemological Institute of America), IGI (International Gemological Institute), HRD (Hoge Raad voor Diamant), and EGL (European Gemological Laboratories). All of these certificates are recognized as a benchmark of quality worldwide. Yadav has many diamonds available for purchase online, however, if you live in the San Francisco Bay Area, they would love to offer you a one-on-one consultation with one of their diamond experts to make sure you are fully informed about your options.

The Art of Jewels
#3 of 17 Top-Notch Custom Rings for Weddings

Many people love diamonds. Diamonds are beautiful items that add sparkle. They make ideal jewelry. If you are looking for diamonds to buy, it helps to have an at your side during the entire purchasing process. That is why you'll want to turn to the experts at The Art of Jewels. This is one company that is run by people who know exactly what they're doing and how to get it done. They love helping their clients locate the ideal diamonds for their plans. They offer a smart and entirely secure way to buy these items. They make it easy to compare prices and find out which diamonds are right for your needs. Let them show you what to do and how to get it done.

Suetake Brothers Co
#4 of 17 Top SF Custom Wedding Jewelry Shops

When it comes to creating customized pieces, Suetake Brothers Co has truly cornered the market. After clients come into their San Francisco location, this team finds out what it is that they want. Many times, a sketch is made. It is then that the work begins, and this group is incredibly skilled with craftsmanship. After all, Suetake Brothers Co has been around for over three decades now. It all started with Akira "Eddie" Suetake, an artistic visionary who believed in the aesthetic appeal of his pieces. All these years later, this group is still creating gorgeous jewelry.

Nick Engel & Co.
#5 of 17 Leading San Francisco Jewelers

After apprenticeships with Petaluma Octavia and Alix & Company, Nick Engel knew that he was ready for an amazing career in jewelry design. Appealing to clients with avant-garde sensibilities, Nick Engel & Co. has been designing pieces since 2004. With a new twist on blending mixed metals and gems, Engel possesses an incredible eye for what will thrill and delight his clientele. For Engel, it's all about craftsmanship. Creating dazzling pieces that will get people talking is just one part of the equation; he is out to make the unique pieces that will last for several generations.

Giraux Fine Jewelry
#6 of 17 Top-Notch Engagement & Wedding Ring Stores SF

Giraux Fine Jewelry is a business in San Francisco that specializes in the sale of high-end jewelry. But their success goes beyond just selling beautiful pieces, they also offer excellent customer service and an impeccable buying experience! They carry an extensive selection of jewelry, including diamonds, gold, and silver pieces. The staff at Giraux are knowledgeable about all of the different types of gems they sell and can help you find the perfect piece for any occasion - whether it's your birthday or your engagement! They also offer free shipping, and they have a wide variety of styles to choose from for people looking to buy jewelry online.

Union Street Jewelers
#7 of 17 Best Custom Rings for Weddings

Union Street Jewelers is a business in San Francisco that sells jewelry and other items to its customers. Union Street Jewelers has been around for over four decades and is located at 333 Union Street. Not only do they sell jewelry, but they also offer watch repairs for their customers! One of the main reasons people come to the business is because it's one of the few places in the area where you can find such a large selection of diamonds, gold, silver, or platinum. The owners pride themselves on giving good customer service by listening carefully to what their clients want and making sure they are happy with their purchases.

Shane Co.
#8 of 17 Leading Engagement & Wedding Ring Stores SF

Shane Co. is a jewelry company dedicated to helping clients with their most significant life moments: birthdays, anniversaries, proposals, graduations, and more. Whether you are looking for gemstones, rubies, diamonds, or pearls, you can be guaranteed to get the best from Shane Co. Everything that Shane does is for you. From offering diamonds sourced from most reputable suppliers and offering 2-day shipping to anywhere in the U.S to providing a free time warrant for center stone replacements, cleanings, and maintenance. Customers can also add extra meaning to their jewelry by customizing them with an engraving or a symbolic charm of their choice.

Cresalia Jewelers
#9 of 17 Top-Notch Custom Rings for Weddings

Cresalia Jewelers uses their decades of experience to create jewelry featuring opals, onyx, and lapis. This jeweler creates custom engagement rings that are loved by many. Cresalia Jewelers also provides vintage pieces and can do work on family heirlooms. Those who are interested in purchasing jewelry through this jeweler can set up a private appointment so that they can talk with the staff and let them know just what they want. This jeweler does appraisal and repair work, and they are focused on providing good service to each customer.

Tiffany & Co.
#10 of 17 Top SF Custom Wedding Jewelry Shops

As the most iconic jewelry company on the planet, Tiffany & Co. has been making its impact known for almost two centuries now. It's no surprise that its San Francisco outpost is very popular. From bone cuffs to engagement rings, there are so many amazing offerings. Whether clients want to shop in the store or they prefer to do their shopping virtually, the jewelry experts at this store are always willing to help. Home delivery is even available. For those who require repair or cleaning, this store is open for business and more than willing to assist.

KTD Fine Jewelers
#11 of 17 Leading San Francisco Jewelers

With a new location on Union Street, KTD Fine Jewelers has been moving on up. Curious clients can sign up for its newsletter in order to receive more updates about what this San Francisco jewelry store has been doing. From its bridal and engagement collection to its repair services, this group shines every step of the way. Clients are always supremely impressed by the sheer variety of sparkling, sophisticated items available for sale. The team at KTD Fine Jewelers is honed in on what the customers crave. Their special talent is matching people with picturesque pieces.

Rebecca Overmann
#12 of 17 Top-Notch Engagement & Wedding Ring Stores SF

Rebecca Overmann is a jewelry store located in San Francisco, CA. Consumers can visit the store to pick out jewelry like earrings, engagement rings, wedding bands, and more. Those interested in having custom work done with Rebecca Overmann can set up an appointment with them to create whatever jewelry they have in mind. The store also offers appointments for any of the other products they have in-stock so that customers have enough time and space to choose what they want to purchase.

No. 3 Fine Jewelry
#13 of 17 Best Custom Rings for Weddings

There's something inherently intriguing about No. 3 Fine Jewelry. Every step of the way, this team seeks to match its clients up with the pristine pieces that will thrill them. Those who are curious about new deals, trunk show announcements and unusual pieces are encouraged to sign up for the newsletter. Offering pieces for every price range, they always aim to provide an excellent value. With a range of designers hailing from Auckland all the way to Toronto, No. 3 Fine Jewelry is fully focused on helping customers get the pieces that will delight them.

La Bijouterie
#14 of 17 Leading Engagement & Wedding Ring Stores SF

When it comes to ethically sourced rings, La Bijouterie is the first stop for many who are on the hunt for customized engagement rings. First, clients are encouraged to sit down with the team and get to know them. After all, each client is different. This group really wants to know what their clients crave. Then, after discussing carat size, cut, color, clarity and a number of other factors, La Bijouterie looks for diamonds that fit the client's budget. From there, it's all about designing the ring together.

Padis Jewelry
#15 of 17 Top-Notch Custom Rings for Weddings

Padis Jewelry is a business in the Bay Area that specializes in custom jewelry. Whether you're looking for something simple or want to make a statement with your design, Padis has all of your needs covered! They have been providing quality customer service and beautiful designs for over 30 years. They are known to create high-quality jewelry, and their customers enjoy the personalized service they provide. Whether you are looking for an engagement ring or something else, Padis Jewelry will have what you need!

J & J Yadegar Diamonds
#16 of 17 Top SF Custom Wedding Jewelry Shops

When clients are seeking out exquisite engagement rings that truly pop, they go to J & J Yadegar Diamonds, This impressive team is always aiming to please its clientele. Located in San Francisco, they offer clients the ability to customize their rings. With a very detailed and nuanced worksheet, clients are asked to provide their exact specifications for how they'd like their ring to look. From there, someone at J & J Yadegar Diamonds will contact them to discuss the plan in greater detail. Every step of the way, this team wants to make its customers happy.

Yael Designs
#17 of 17 Leading San Francisco Jewelers

Yael Designs, based in San Francisco, is known for its amazing and unique hand-crafted jewelry. This award-winning company offers jewelry designed for weddings, red carpet functions, special cultural events and everyday enjoyment. Each piece of Yael Designs jewelry is created with imagination, passion and an eye for the beauty of each type of gemstone. This company offers jewelry pieces inspired by a variety of cultures and traditions, and the artist's own family heritage of jewelry making is clearly evident in every gorgeous creation.



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