A tense police standoff was unfolding Wednesday afternoon in Corona Heights, near Buena Vista Park, where an eviction was reportedly taking place by the SF Sheriff's Department and the tenant allegedly fired a gun.

The standoff is underway at 30 Roosevelt Way, where the eviction was taking place. A photo taken by Mission Local at 14th and Castro streets shows a line of police vehicles parked along 14th, and a SWAT situation was unfolding with the subject of the eviction still barricaded inside the building.

Captain Alejandro Cabebe confirmed that the eviction had been taking place at 10:45 am Wednesday when "The subject of the eviction fired multiple rounds of unknown caliber through the door."

Per Mission Local, who spoke to a law enforcement source, two to three sheriff's deputies became trapped inside the multi-unit building after the gunshots were fired, and it was unclear if they were now out.

McKinley Elementary School is next door, and apparently some children were inside at a daycare, but were free to leave if their parents wished.

Video posted to the Citizen app shows a police officer directing traffic on 14th Street to turn onto Castro.

The SFPD and Sheriff's Department have issued an "avoid the area" notice to residents.

The standoff appears to be ongoing as of this writing at 2:25 pm.

Photo via the Citizen app