A trio of 18-year-olds allegedly crashed a BMW in San Francisco on Wednesday after carjacking the vehicle from an Alameda woman who had a two-year-old and four-year-old child in the car.

The incident happened Wednesday afternoon around 2 pm, as the Alameda Police Department explains in a release. The victim and her children were reportedly approached by two individuals on the 2800 block of Central Avenue in Alameda and ordered out of the car at gunpoint.

A third suspect was in a waiting vehicle.

Alameda police began canvassing the area, and were apparently able to locate the vehicle using GPS technology. They informed the Oakland Police Department, who were able to put a chopper into the air to trail the stolen BMW.

"The air support team continued to follow the car as it traveled towards the city of San Francisco," the department writes. "The San Francisco Police Department was notified and they provided assistance, while a team from Alameda traveled to the area. Once in San Francisco, the suspects lost control of the vehicle and attempted to flee on foot. A perimeter was established leading to the successful arrest of three individuals and the recovery of a firearm."

The suspects appear to have crashed the car near the Bay Bridge, in the vicinity of Bryant and Beale streets.

Video taken by a bystander shows SFPD officers pursuing the suspects on foot.

The suspects, all age 18, have been identified as Marionna Mkia Haley, Isaiah Howard, and Sariyah Barker, and both Howard and Barker are charged with armed carjacking with firearm enhancements.

As KTVU reports, if convicted of all charges, Haley faces up to 20 years and three months in prison. Howard and Barker each face sentences of up to 11 years and three months in prison.

Alameda County District Attorney Pamela Price issued a statement on the carjacking, saying, "Children are exceptionally vulnerable to gun violence. A gun allegedly being used while children were in the car at the time of this carjacking was dangerous and is absolutely unacceptable in Alameda County. I applaud the law enforcement agencies for swiftly making arrests in this case."