A woman was arrested Monday morning on Market Street outside of the Powell Street BART station after she allegedly slashed a man on the train platform with a knife after the two exited a train.

The incident happened around 9 am, as the BART Police Department tells the Chronicle. The victim was reportedly left with a one-and-a-half-inch long cut on his upper leg which was not considered to be life-threatening.

The female suspect, who has not yet been identified, exited the station and was confronted by BART police outside Hallidie Plaza.

The Xitter account FriscoLive415 captured the confrontation and the arrest on video. Multiple BART police officers had guns — and possibly non-lethal arms — trained on the woman as she sat apparently arguing with them for several minutes on the curb of a bus stop at Market and Powell streets.

The suspect ultimately complied with commands to lie down on her stomach on the street so she could be handcuffed.

An SFPD officer could be seen arriving on the scene shortly after the suspect was handcuffed.

We'll update you if we learn more.